Opening school


Beste ouder(s),verzorger(s),

Wij zijn blij dat we de leerlingen maandag 10 januari weer op school mogen verwelkomen. Dat is een mooi begin van het nieuwe jaar!

De voorwaarden voor deze heropening zijn dezelfde als voorheen afgekondigd. Hieronder in het kort de belangrijkste maatregelen:

Bij voorbaat dank aan alle leerlingen en ouders voor de medewerking.

Rest ons jullie nog een fijne laatste dag van de kerstvakantie te wensen en voor jullie allemaal de allerbeste wensen in goede gezondheid voor 2022!
Dear Parents Guardians),

We are happy to welcome the students back to school on Monday 10 January. That's a great start to the new year!

The conditions for this reopening are the same as previously announced. Below in brief the most important measures:

– All employees and students of groups 6, 7 and 8 are advised to test themselves twice a week with a self-test.   
  Students who want to make use of this can get the self-tests through the group teacher.
– Students and employees with Corona-related complaints stay at home and have themselves tested at the GGD or do 
  a self-test;
– Parents/guardians do not come to school, unless this is absolutely necessary. We ask the students of groups 6, 7 and   8 to come to school independently. Young students who are taken to school are asked to be brought by one parent.  
  Please remember to keep your distance when dropping off and picking up your child.
– Pupils enter the school through different doors and walk to the classroom via their own route. We are reluctant to work
  across groups in school. The breaks are divided into three break times from the start of the school year to ensure
  spreading out.
– Students and staff disinfect their hands with handgel when entering the room.
– To ensure adequate ventilation, windows and doors are regularly open in a room. We realize that it can be cold
  because of this, but it is necessary for everyone's safety.
– Students of groups 6, 7, and 8 are advised to wear a mouth cap in the hallway.
– In case of 3 or more infections within 7 days in one group, the group in question will be quarantined.
– We ensure that Google Classroom is ready and that we can quickly switch to online education, for example in the
  case of quarantine. If children sit at home for several days with complaints, for example, and the class at school
  receives physical education, the teacher will look at whether online education is possible or whether working from
  home can be organized in another way. In the near future, your child's group may have to stay at home, for example
  because of quarantine or because of the lack of a teacher.
– Furthermore, the basic measures apply to adults to keep 1,5 m away and to wash their hands regularly.

Thanks in advance to all students and parents for their cooperation.

It only remains for us to wish you a nice last day of the Christmas holidays and all the best wishes in good health for 2022 to all of you!