update covid-19 ‘t Slingertouw (english version)


Dear Parent(s) Guardian(s),

Fortunately, we were able to start this school year with our children at school. It is different from normal because of the measures we took related to the Covid-19 situation. It is very important that we comply with all measures. So far, it clearly works well and where it does not go well, we adjust it.
We realize that after the latest press conference we are again on high alert. In principle, nothing will change in terms of guidelines for education as education falls under the exceptions.
Still, Covid-19 remains on the agenda. In this message we would like to inform you about a number of issues.
The guiding principles are the safety and health of the children and teachers. The 1.5m distance measures still don’t apply to children in primary school. Also, students do not have to keep a distance of 1.5m from teachers and other educational staff. Adults (teaching staff and parents) must keep a distance of 1.5m from each other.

All children can again receive face-2-face instruction. This is possible due to the guidelines from the RIVM with regard to common-cold symptoms in children up to and including the age of 12. Children are only allowed to go to school when they have a cold (such as a runny nose, cold nose, sneezing and sore throat).
Children should stay at home if:
• In addition to a cold, the child also has a fever and / or is short of breath and / or (more than occasionally) coughs. In principle, the child does not need to be tested (unless it is seriously ill, always contact the doctor) and stays at home until these complaints have disappeared for at least 24 hours. • The child is a contact of a patient who has tested positive for Covid-19 and the child has complaints that match Covid-19.
• The child lives in the house of someone who, in addition to mild complaints that are consistent with Covid-19, also has a fever and / or is short of breath. Everyone in the house then stays at home until that person has a negative test result.
• The child is a housemate of someone who has tested positive for the Covid-19.
We work according to a decision tree.
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The children go outside to play at different breaks per building. This is the regular break schedule.
The curriculum at school:
In the morning the core subjects are on the program, in the afternoon the creative subjects. We’ve restarted the core-subjects from a new base level, not taking a backlog-perspective, and support the children in their development from this new base level. This week we started administering the Cito tests that were actually planned before the summer holidays. During the introductory meetings between teachers and parents, we share the results as well as a first impression.
Gym classes will continue as we started this school year. Since the beginning of this school year, the sports halls have been opened and all primary schools are allowed to provide gym lessons in the sports hall. One group at a time works out in the gym at the Waterrijk location. The hall in the Hangar is divided into two parts. We have divided the hall to potentially allow sharing between groups.
Coming to school:
When bringing your child, we expect a maximum of one parent to come and say goodbye outside the fence. Parents are not allowed to enter the schoolyard and the building. An exception to this are the parents of children from 0 to 4 years old at Korein. We would like to emphasize that we appeal to everyone's responsibility not to come together, not to treat trips to school as a social activity and to keep a distance of 1.5 m with others around you. We expect that the children of the upper years (groups 7 and 8) will come to school independently. The doors are open from 8.15 am and children from groups 1 to 8 are allowed to enter. The children enter the school via various entrances and walk to their own group via the route they know. They walk out again in the afternoon via the same route and door.
Going home:
At the Grasland location, the kindergarten groups and groups 3 are out at 2.40 pm and are brought out by the teacher. At the Waterrijk location, groups 1-2 are out at 2.40 pm. All other groups are out at 2:45 PM. We also expect a maximum of one parent to pick up your child, while staying outside the gate. Parents are not allowed to enter the playground and the school building.
An exception to this are the parents of groups 1-2 from location Grasland. We would like to emphasize that we appeal to everyone's responsibility not to come together, not to treat trips to school as a social activity and to keep a distance of 1.5 m with others around you. Make use of the available space around the school and arrange a fixed meeting point with your child. The children of the upper years (groups 7 and 8) go home independently.
We will continue to monitor the drop-off and pick-up situation until the autumn holidays in 2 weeks. At that time we re-evaluate, and adjust if necessary.
When your child is ill, please call in sick through the school app, option "report sick". In case of absence without notification, we will call you to inquire.
External parties in the building after school:
External parties, such as the music school or mad science, use the building. Naturally, all parties adhere to the applicable guidelines.
Hygiene and cleaning:
In addition to regular cleaning, the table tops and door handles are cleaned daily. Hand disinfectant is available in all classes. During the day the children wash their hands several times and use hand disinfectant. There are sufficient soap dispensers and paper towels in the classes.
SKPO Eindhoven e.o. (school board) has received a building / environmental permit from the municipalities for all its school buildings, the buildings meet the requirements set for them. All installations are periodically maintained and, where necessary, additionally inspected. When defects are found, they will be remedied as soon as possible. Apart from mechanical ventilation, the general advice is: provide as much air as possible from outside. This means that we open windows and doors for sufficient ventilation.
Care for sick teachers:
Naturally, all RIVM guidelines also apply to teachers. This means that they are not allowed to work if they have complaints. Every day, we have one colleague per group for the Waterrijk location and one colleague for the Grasland location who can step in in case of absence. If the absence will take longer and we are running up against the limits that there is no replacement, we ask the children to stay at home. Of course we do our utmost to prevent this.
If groups have to stay at home for more than one day, we organize home education.

During the study day next Monday, home education will be fully arranged and can be used. Of course only if necessary.
When organizing home education for a day, for example, the children do not get a chromebook home.
Introductory meetings:
Earlier today you received the login codes to schedule a digital conversation with your child's teacher. Of course we hope to be able to receive you at school in the next round of parent-teacher conferences. Communication about this will follow after the Christmas holidays.
Activities: In the coming period, activities at school will be organized at group level instead of school level. We want to limit the moments when multiple groups come together in the building as much as possible. Consider, for example, activities around Sinterklaas and Christmas. Still a party, but organized in a different way.
GGD advice:
We would like to inform you about the advice that the GGD gives in case of a positive infection of the Covid-19 virus at a student, teacher or other employee on location.
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We realize that contact is different nowadays and that together we are looking for (digital) ways to stay connected. If you have any questions, how big or small, we would love to hear them.
Have a nice weekend,
Team primary school 't Slingertouw