Welkom op basisschool/ SPIL centrum Slingertouw

Komt u voor de eerste keer en wilt u kennis maken met onze school? Graag stellen wij ons voor!

Basisschool 't Slingertouw heeft twee locaties in de wijk Meerhoven. De hoofdlocatie ligt in de wijk Grasland en de andere locatie in de wijk Waterrijk. De manier van werken, denken en onze visie is op beide locaties hetzelfde.

Locatie Grasland (Grasland 1, 5658GA) is bereikaar op het volgende telefoonnummer; 040-2340699
Locatie Waterrijk (Waterlinie 260, 5658NS) is bereikbaar op het volgende telefoonnummer; 040-2351882

Op beide locaties is er een continurooster waar de kinderen het eerste kwartier van de middagpauze samen met de leerkracht eten en daarna onder begeleiding van collega's een half uur buiten spelen.

Op beide locaties is de basisschool onderdeel van het SPIL centrum. Er is voorschoolse en naschoolse opvang in beide gebouwen aanwezig. Onze partner Korein verzorgt deze opvang. 

Voor een actueel overzicht en nieuws kunt u de app downloaden. Zoek in uw app/playstore naar 'basisschool app' en zoek naar 't Slingertouw. Voor de app is het niet nodig om je te registreren. 
Voor toegang tot het klassenboek van uw kind(eren) mail naar: l.bijsterveld@skpo.nl

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ma. 6 september Start nieuwe schooljaar
di. 5 oktober Studiedag
vr. 22 oktober
ma. 25 t/m vr. 5 november
om 12.00u vrij
ma. 15 november Studiedag
do. 23 december Kerstviering
vr. 24 december 
ma. 27 december t/m vr. 7 januari
om 12.00u vrij
do. 17 februari Studiedag
vr. 25 februari
ma. 28 t/m vr. 4 maart
om 12.00u vrij
woe. 30 maart Studiedag
ma. 18 april 2e paasdag
ma. 25 april t/m vr. 6 mei Meivakantie
do. 26 & vr. 27 mei Hemelvaart
ma. 6 juni 2e Pinksterdag
vr. 24 juni Studiedag
ma. 27 juni Studiedag
vr. 22 juli
ma. 25 juli t/m vr. 2 september
om 12.00u. vrij 


Our school

Welcome to primary school 't Slingertouw

Primary school 't Slingertouw consists of two locations in the Meerhoven district; one in Grasland and one in Waterrijk. The educational methods and philosophies used are the same in both locations. In our school, a so-called ‘continuous schedule’ is implemented where the children eat their lunches in the classroom together with their teacher and then are free to play outside for half an hour under our staff’s supervision (weather permitting, of course). At both locations, the primary school is a part of the SPIL center, which groups educational institutions (preschool, primary education) with a children’s daycare, Korein. This allows us to share spaces like the cafeteria with the after-school daycare and provides parents with the convenience of a daycare in their neighborhood.

Education in group 1 & 2
When your son or daughter transitions to our primary school directly from the daycare is, their developmental dossier is shared, which ensures a consistent educational method. Together, we work with an emphasis on your child’s individual development, using our ‘Starting blocks / Basic Development’ method. As such, the transition into primary school is eased for your child. In groups 1-2, we work with the method of Basic Development. Children and teachers work thematically towards the learning objectives which are decided for our students. Various themes, such as professions, tales and seasons, shape all educational activities for a set time: mathematics, language, physical education etc. All children’s social-emotional and motorical development is monitored through the registration program KIJK!

Our learning model
From group 3 onwards, children work methodically on the core objectives. For all subjects there is a given method. This method is our guide to ensure that at the end of group 8 ,your son or daughter has covered all basic goals. We provide differentiated teaching; the level and experience of your son or daughter is always taken into account, whether they might need additional exercises or an extra challenge. All groups receive English lessons (Groups 1 through 8).

The weekly assignment
Self-reliance, planning ahead, collaboration and reflection are qualities we find important. We work on these skills through a weekly assignment, always consistent with a child’s experience. The weekly assignment will be conveyed through a planning board or diary. While completing this assignment, children work on important skills such as time-management (e.g. by choosing between mandatory and elective tasks), and learn to reflect on results and processes.

ICT in school
ICT is a tool we use to enrich our educational process. How can we use ICT to make our education more in line with the needs of the student? How can we use ICT to learn about current events? How can IT ensure that the curriculum is still being followed? How do we deal with social media? All these questions we try to answer through the use of ICT. We stay up-to-date by watching trends and innovations and reflecting about how these can enrich our teaching, while not hesitating to apply new ideas.

Creativity and sportsmanship at school
There is much more to school than just scholarly learning. We ensure that the youngest children, of groups 1 and 2, get lots of exercise by regularly doing physical exercises and often giving them the opportunity to play, be it inside in the gym or outside in the school yard. Groups 3 through 8 receive regular physical education classes in the big gym in the Hangar, and every school year a Sports’ day is organized. Arts and crafts are also included on the schedule, when the children make beautiful things, both individually and collectively. There are also so-called ‘creative afternoons’ planned a few times in the year when we do more unusual creative activities, such as a cooking class. (World) Citizenship & social skills Our students don’t live only in Meerhoven, but in a bigger world! Through themes, the internet and experiences, all kinds of activities are devoted to life in society.

A large school that likes to stay personal! In different ways, we will keep you informed of the latest news, developments and activities in and around the school. We have a school website and a school app where you can see and read what is happening daily in our school. All this is collected in one app that you can download in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Would you like to get personally acquainted with our school? You are welcome to the information evening or we can make an appointment for a school tour.

We would love to show you our school, so that you can taste the atmosphere for yourself!

Send us an email at slingertouw@skpo.nl or call us at 040-2340699
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